The label quasarfilms has produced two documentaries, both with cultural and immigration as their background. The films attempt to find a deep and sensitive language through images.

My fascination for «quasars» was first awoken in 1987, at a concert by Christy Doran to the album «red tuned twist arrow» . A Quasar is the centre/core of an active galaxy, which looks from Earth like a star and is a very bright, cosmic source of light. But Quasars are invisible to the naked eye, they can only be seen using special technical equipment. Likewise, this film is a means to let us see things hidden within ourselves.

What we see in space is the image of a long gone existence of a Quasar which is lightyears away. For my film-making, the Quasar symbolises an intense optical occurrence in the past, which is beyond our direct control. We can only observe, marvel and let our imagination be stimulated by it.

The film/movie captures moments and events and will hopefully inspire us to re-view these with a fresh perspective. The film/movie recreates things past in a new light. That´s the reason for Quasarfilms!